Pack a while ahead. Most of the time you'll be most comfortable in light, summer-weight clothes but do include a warm jacket as African nights can be surprisingly chilly. Don't forget socks, good comfortable shoes and a rain jacket. Pack sunscreen – lots of it – and a hat and sunglasses. Make sure you have at least one cool shirt with a collar for sun protection. Stock up on insect repellent and, if you'll be in a malaria area, ensure you have a cool, long-sleeved shirt and cool long pants for evenings. Bring good walking shoes for that adventure moments.

If you're spending time watching game on a safari, binoculars are useful. You should try to wear reasonably neutral colours but, really, you don't have to look like an extra on the set of ‘Out of Africa’. You don't need formal clothes, but you will need something pretty smart for exclusive hotel. A camera is essential!

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